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Let's introduce ourselves

Kelly Macomber Straight & Zabette Macomber
Kelly Macomber Straight & Zabette Macomber

Kelly and Zabette have owned and operated the Recess Lab Climbing Wall since 2016. Having two active children, especially during the winter as many parents can attest to, can by trying so they knew that a climbing wall would bring some sanity to their house and hopefully others as well.
They love that climbers of all ages come and get their yayas out on the wall!

Liesl Bogaard
Climber & Wall Guide
Liesl Bogaard

Liesl is our wall guide who helps climbers of all ages find the perfect route. She loves hanging out with younger climbers encouraging them to try for that one last hold.

And we think that in the back of her closet, she owns a squirrel suit.

Lyra Pierotti
Professional mountain guide & Climbing guru
Lyra Pierotti

All climbing classes at the Recess Lab are taught by Lyra Pierotti, AMGA Certified Rock Guide, whose has guided all over the world, including rock climbing in Yosemite and mountaineering for scientists in Antarctica. She is also an educator, and works as an adjunct instructor for the Girls on Ice program, based out of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Lyra calls Vashon home and is stoked to share her favorite sport with all climbers.
In the back of her closet is just more climbing gear.

And a sparkly tutu.

Challenging paths for every skill level

We want every climber to find the path that’s right for them. Maybe that means doing a multiple wall traverse or just finding a stuffy at the top of the wall, we have the route for you.